Meet the Cast and Crew at Our House

The Girls

K: 17 years old

* The Ultimate Animal Lover (except for opossums and ferrets)
* Homegrown
* Favorite Foods: Pizza, tacos, noodles, pudding and gummy worms
* Dislikes: Spiders, Chores, and Early Mornings (except on rabbit show days)
* Favorite Free-time Activities: playing with the rabbits, being with friends, anything outside, and sleeping
* Life Goal: To become a vet

M: 13 years old

* Artist and baker extraordinare
* Homegrown
* Favorite Food: Lion stomach – there is a story and a recipe that I’ll share
* Has a black cat named Bruticus who loves milk, meat, his toy mouse, and M
* Fantasy Vacation Destination: The Rings of Orbis; specifically Rings 1 & 3
* Has spent an entire night locked in the library – twice
* Favorite Bible Verse: 1st Timothy 4:12
* Loves to write in her free time
* Life Goal: To jump into an Olympic-sized swimming pool full of Jell-O

The Boys

S: 9 years old

* Our NFL fanatic – favorite team is the New England Patriots
* Adopted from Korea, home a few days shy of 5 months
* Favorite Foods: M’s homemade pizza and cheeseburgers
* Favorite Book: Wacky Wednesday
* Loves Pokemon and Wii
* Life Goal: To play football for the Patriots AND the Rams

N: 6 years old

* Loves anything Star Wars, Pokemon, or shark related
* Adopted from Korea, home at 6 1/2 months
* Favorite Food: M’s homemade cinnamon rolls
* Loves to play in the snow
* Favorite TV show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
* Life Goal: To be a shark scientist

D: 4 years old

* The first of five to get stitches – something about a Pokemon battle, N, and the marble fireplace
* Adopted from Korea, home at almost a year old
* FULL of giggles!
* Favorite friends are a Webkinz chihuahua and a pink Webkinz hamster named Pinky
* Likes candy, pizza, and M’s cinnamon rolls (Or at least that’s what he told me)
* Favorite activities: Bubble baths, coloring, playing outside, and cuddling with mommy and daddy


* Technical expert, photographer, and jack-of-all-trades around “Our House”
* Spider killer
* Favorite Foods: Cherry cobbler and kimchi
* Likes driving RC cars and flying RC planes
* A man of few words (according to him)


* Wife, mom, homeschool teacher, writer, crafter, storyteller, candy maker, event planner, organizer, financial guru, menu co-ordinator and chef, student, lover of all things fiber, daughter of the King
* More interests than I could pursue in 100 lifetimes

Along with the humans is a menagerie of (mostly) furry friends – rabbits, cats, dogs, a gerbil, pet mice, and a big tank of fish.

Now that you know who we are, please take a moment to leave a comment and introduce yourself!


  1. you know me mom of two, crazy busy ALL THE TIME!!! lol 😀 I love this little write up what a good idea!