Happy Halloween – 2012 Edition

Who could say no to these adorable goblins?

Over the years our Halloween traditions have changed, this year was no exception.

The kids wanted to attend Trunk-or-Treat in a nearby town. We had gone last year, and they really enjoyed it. As soon as the weatherman started to predict cold rainy weather, I started to think about alternate plans. Maybe it would be fun to stay home, play games, watch a movie, and have some special treats thought this mommy who HATES the cold! Deciding to kind of get a feeling for how the kids would react (I was afraid they might stage a revolution), I mentioned something in passing. Much to my surprise, they were actually all for it and even excited.

Halloween morning I found out that the church across the street from our house was having a Trunk-or-Treat event. I didn’t mention anything to the kids, but dad and I decided if the weather cooperated we’d venture over for a bit. We braved the cold and headed over and then hit a few houses in our neighborhood – something we’ve never done! We even entertained a fair number of costumed visitors, mostly from the Trunk-or-Treat event, something we’ve never had as there are very few kids in our neighborhood.

When all was said and done, both S and N pronounced it, “The best Halloween ever!” I’m not sure the puppies would agree with that assessment, not only did we dress them up for a photo shoot; the trick-or-treaters at the door drove them crazy as well. I guess a few extra treats are in order for them as well.

Rollie sporting her ladybug costume. Ironically enough, her puppy cousin got the same costume!

Rocky the Rocket wearing an appropriately themed costume.

How did you celebrate Halloween?